The cheapest places to buy a home in Swansea

The real estate market is currently booming, and houses are often caught when they are launched.

Rightmove estimates that the average house price in Wales rose 1% from June to July 2021, with the national average now standing at around £ 230,759. Last year around that time it was around £ 197,000.

When looking to buy property in Swansea, the real estate website Zoopla has looked at all the numbers and postcodes and calculated what it estimates to be the cheapest places to stay in town.

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The cheapest street in town was said to be Griffith John Street for the second year in a row, with an estimated property price of £ 42,000 – last year it was £ 37,000.

It was followed by Long Ridge in Mayhill for £ 45,000 and Gwent Road in Townhill for £ 47,000 – the estimated prices for both streets have also risen over the past year.

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Here are the 18 cheapest streets in Swansea as of July 2021 and the estimated average price:

Griffith John Street, Swansea: £ 42,000

Long Ridge, Mayhill: £ 45,000

Gwent Road, Townhill: £ 47,000

Eagles Place, Blaenymaes: £ 48,000

Nicander Place, Mayhill: £ 48,000

Gwyndy Road, Bonymaen: £ 50,000

Swn-Y-Nant, Lower Cwmtwrch: £ 56,000

Branwen Gardens, Mayhill: £ 56,000

The Gardens, Ystalyfera: £ 57,000

Cannisland Park, Parkmill: £ 57,000

Chemical Row, Godrergraig: £ 58,000

Croft Street, Swansea: £ 60,000

Trewyddfa Gardens, Morriston: £ 60,000

Penrhos Place, Gendros: £ 60,000

High View, Mayhill: £ 61,000

Gors Avenue, Mayhill: £ 62,000

Lower Brooklands, Caehopkin, Abercrave: £ 63,000

Cherry Road, Townhill: £ 65,000

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It was the busiest first half of the year for Rightmove, pushing the UK average home price to market to a new record high for the fourth straight month and £ 21,389 (+ 6.7%) in just six months.

That record high of £ 338,447 is due to a monthly increase of 0.7% (+ £ 2,374) and the property portal claims it’s the biggest monthly increase this time of year since July 2007.

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