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How Does The OSRS Grand Exchange Work?

Aug 19

The Grand Exchange is an essential component of Old School Runescape, so here's what you need to know about it. It can be a great place for both making OSRS gold and finding items that have been eluding you in the game!

You may even choose to buy OSRS GP from one resource with which they sell or produce these valuable virtual goods; alternatively, if you've got your eye on something expensive but don't want to wait around grinding out levels until it drops - then buying them outright could well be just the ticket. To delve into features such as these we're going to find out more about The Grand Exchange itself.

What is the Grand Exchange?

The Grand Exchange is the place for trading in Old School Runescape. You can buy and sell items using GE slots that you have access to, but if you are on a free-to-play account then only three of your eight slots will be available.

You don’t need to advertise, wait or even meet others when waiting for the trade on the Grand Exchange. Coins and OSRS items from these trades can be found at banks or deposit boxes, no matter what the status of the trade is. You will get a notification in your chatbox once you find out if it was successful.

Where is the Grand Exchange?

To find the Grand Exchange, head to Varrock's northwest corner and take a left. If you're lost in Edgeville or any of Gielinor’s other wildernesses, just go south until you hit familiar territory.

How does the Grand Exchange work?

The experience of GE is a little more complicated than just buying and selling items. When you want to buy an item or trade for something, you need to offer what it's worth first. A successful transaction hinges on when your offered price matches with that of the person who wants to sell their product at that moment in time - if yours doesn't match theirs then they won’t accept your deal.

A trade will only occur if there is a buyer willing to buy the item at your offer price or higher. If you make an initial bid and then someone else enters with lower bids, it'll be sold to them instead of you. Conversely, when people enter offers low enough for what you're selling but not as attractive as other buyers would pay - they might get lucky and sell their items before long!

The best way to find out whether this strategy works? Just try it yourself and head to OSRS Grand Exchange.